Educator Handbook

Here, you can download the “The Gamification of Employment” Educator Handbook for free. Into it, you can find orderly all the sections that you saw on this website, so that you can always have near to you the most important information to be able to implement the methodology that bases this project.

First, you will find the main aims that have been sought to achieve with the application of this methodology. This will be of great help to you to know what you can improve when you apply the proposed workshops.

After that, you will be able to see the partners who have formed the consortium generated for the development of the project under the Erasmus+ Program. As you will see, it is made up of 5 partners from 4 different countries: 2 from Spain, Portugal, Romania and Italy. Here you will also find the contact details of the entities so that you can easily access them by consulting your manual.

The opportunities provided by the use of board games as a tool for improving the skills needed to increase employability, as well as the effects that such games generate on mental health, are reflected.

The next chapter reflects the used methodology, which is also available on this website individually, as well as the target groups with which this project has been worked.

Prior to the explanation of the workshops created, you will be able to see what competencies are worked with each of the chosen board games, which will help you understand why to use each of them and how.

Finally, there are included the main conclusions drawn from the implementation of the 7 workshops with the different target groups of the 5 institutions that make up this consortium, which are expected to help you understand the importance of the project for the personal and professional improvement of the participants.

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Participant’s diary
Questionnaire for initial evaluation
Questionnaire for final evaluation