The seven workshops

In this section you will find the 7 workshops that we have applied to improve the main competences for the development of the youth employability. Those 7 workshops have been applied twice, in order to assess how much the competencies improved from the first testing phase to the second one.

You should take into account that the workshops are always accompanied by a participant’s diary, where they can write down their feelings and emotions about the activities, and by a observation sheet, that the observers fill. The observers are people who stay out of the game and who only have to write down the main players’ behavior.

Before starting the workshops, the participants should fill an individual evaluation sheet, as well as another one at the end. On the other hand, at the end of each workshop, a debriefing is done, when the participants have time to fill their individual diaries, there is some time to speak about the game and their feelings during it and the observers can write the most relevant comments of the participants.

Workshop 1: Story Cubes. Knowing each other and creativity

The first workshop is “Story Cubes”. With this game, the participants introduce themselves and they start to acquire confidence in the others and in the facilitator. To start, they will express the main fears and expectations about the following workshops, continuing with the dynamics using the dices to work the main skill of this boardgame: the communication.

Workshop 2: Pandemic. Strategic Thinking

In this workshop it is used a boardgame where it is essential to collaborate with the others to be able to achieve the mission. Through this collaborative game the teamwork is worked, as so as the strategic thinking. To save the world is not an individual task, but it is needed everybody’s help.

Workshop 3: Bohnanza. The power of negotiation

After playing a boardgame in which the teamwork was essential, in this one it is going to be worked from the individuality the capacity to negotiate and to achieve the highest as possible individual benefits. We will become into farmers in charge of getting to use our resources to achieve money though the plantation of different kind of beans. But your opponents will try to get the same as you, so you will need to know how to negotiate to increase your benefits to the highest before the end of the game.

Workshop 4: Unlock! Problems solving and scape adventures

In this escape room game, you are going to improve the competences to solve difficult problems. Due to it is a teamwork game, it will be developed the individual skills where you will need to use the creativity and the critical thinking, as well as those ones that improve the group competences, as the effectiveness communication. When combining both competences, you will solve better the tasks that will appear to be able to escape of the room on time.

Workshop 5: Mysterium. The wisdom of decision making

With Mysterium you must solve the traditional murder mystery, but in this case, the deceased himself will become the spirit that will help solve the plot. Players have to make the right decisions by analyzing the messages that the spirit transmits to you without speaking, only interpreting a series of cards. It is a boardgame that also mixes individuality and teamwork, but in which the essence of making decisions relapses in oneself.

Workshop 6: Bohnanza. Negotiate again and create the plan

After seeing how to negotiate and how to use your resources to take out of them the maximun benefit, we are going to play Bohnanza again. The rules are the same, so you should demonstrate your power to plant beans and get the maximum number of coins.

Workshop 7. Story Cubes. Personal development- a neverending story

To end, we are going to repeat the boardgame Story Cubes. With it, we will be able to express everything we have learnt using the images of the dices and answering the facilitator’s tasks. It is the last opportunity to unleash your imagination and creativity.