Online workshops

There can be many reasons that workshops cannot be held online. Therefore, since “The Gamification of Employment” is working on imagination and creativity, we have devised new workshops to be able to do from home, with which important skills are also worked to improve the employability of the participants. Below you can find the most important ideas to apply them.

Web Platform:

How to join boardgamearena

  1. First, access There, you’ll find a page like the one in the image. You have to hit “start playing now.”

  2. To create the user, you have two options. One option is to type the username you are going to use (be original, many are already taken), put your email and choose the password.
    The other option is to log in with your Facebook or Google account and then choose the player name.
    In the following image you can see an example of the first option:

  3. The page will take you a tour of the games that may interest you. The fastest thing is that you give it to “skip this step” if you don’t want to indicate games.

  4. You may come up with a suggestion similar to the one in the following image later. Also, hit “Skip this step”.

Games chosen to improve participants’ competitions

  • Takenoko
  • Saboteur

For each of them will go a PDF explaining how to play, with the main rules: Takenoko, Saboteur.

Final reflection

Once the workshops are finished, you will be able to make a final reflection with which to check which have been the most relevant impressions of the participants, what they have learned, etc.
Here you can find the questions of this final reflection

Tips for educators

Below, you can find a series of tips that will help you, as educators, apply both board games satisfactorily. Important ideas appear in the image so that both participants and educators consider before starting the workshops. In addition, the main ideas that our participants have shown at the end of the two games are also included. We hope it will help!