The 4th Transnational Meeting of the Gamification of Employment project was held online on May 12, 2020. The meeting was organized online due to the global COVID 19 pandemic situation.

participantes en la reunión online

The Gamification of Employment is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program and its main aim is to develop, test and implement innovative methods, through the use of board games, which allow young people to develop key skills for the labour market.

The project is coordinated by the Spanish organization ASPAYM Castilla y León and involves four organizations: CEIPES-International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development from Italy, UEMC- Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes from Spain, GAMMA INSTITUTE from Romania, ROSTO SOLIDARY from Portugal.

Partners had the opportunity to meet online on May 12 and were able to discuss the status of the project despite the pandemic. What immediately emerged is that  the collaboration between the partners is proceeding well thanks to a constant communication. ASPAYM opened the meeting by presenting the agenda and taking stock of the project status.

During these months the project has continued to advance thanks to the many activities to be completed. During the meeting the discussion points were manifold. First of all, the evaluation of the workshops completed before the start of the pandemic. Thanks to the work of the Spanish partner UEMC, the partnership was able to synthesize the data collected during the workshops and were able to view how these workshops were important for the development of the main skills that the project had decided to develop through the use of board games. The results have been positive, a sign that the use of board games to develop working skills works fine.

A second point was the manual, one of the results of the project. The manual aims to provide readers with an opportunity to understand how the project works and what activities have been carried out. The contents of the project will be manifold, including the description of the board games used and how, thanks to the use of these, it is possible to develop working skills. GAMMA INSTITUTE updated the partners on the writing status of the Manual and any improvements were discussed between the partners.

A part of the meeting was then dedicated to the dissemination part of the project, CEIPES helped to define clear lines on dissemination in order to improve the dissemination of the project. An important dissemination tool will be the creation of a final video tutorial where the workshops will be shown and interviews of those who participated in the various workshops held locally will be present. The partners also discussed this by improving its structure and quality.

During the end of the meeting, the various management files required and the new tasks that the partnership must carry out until the next meeting were discussed. A novelty discussed during the meeting will be the possibility of playing online in order to be able to support young people in this period of quarantine that the various countries, participating through the organizations, are experiencing.

The Gamification of Employment: the 4th Online Transnational Meeting